We help you turn paper forms into mobile forms

Mistakes happen with paper forms.
Switch to FormTab mobile forms and you will eliminate errors, reduce admin time, and save money.

Step 1: Create a Mobile Form
Step 2: Complete Form on the App
Step 3: Collect Data in the Office
Step 1: Create a Mobile Form
Step 2: Complete Form on the App
Step 3: Collect Data in the Office

How Much Are Paper Forms Costing Your Business?

When you use paper forms to collect data…

Required fields are easily missed
Forms get lost or damaged in the field
Data can’t be shared until it’s manually re-entered
Hours are wasted waiting for forms to return to the office
Office staff struggle to decipher messy handwriting
Errors occur due to double handling of data

It doesn’t have to be this hard to collect data.
For over 10 years FormTab has helped businesses save time and money with easy-to-build mobile forms. And we can help you too.

1. Share Data Instantly

Once data is collected via a mobile device it’s synced to the cloud and immediately available back in the office.

2. Speed Up Workflow

Required fields can’t be ignored and are always filled out. Save time with all the data collected every time and zero errors.

3. Easy to Use

Create sophisticated mobile forms within minutes – zero technical experience needed. No training required for the form user either.

4. Save Paper - Save Trees

Going paperless in the field will not only save your business money but you’ll be doing your bit to help the planet. Save money, save time, save trees!

These Industry Leaders Use FormTab

Fulton Hogan

Streamline Data Collection in 3 Simple Steps

1. Create Form

Build a mobile form within minutes in our Form Builder and dispatch to users in the field. No technical knowledge needed.

2. Complete Form

Users fill out mobile forms on their smartphone or tablet using the FormTab app. No training required.

3. Collect Data

Once form is submitted, data is then available to view back in the office.

You can’t afford to keep using paper forms…

You know that paper forms are an inefficient and inaccurate way to collect data. You know double handling of data costs your business time and money. But the thought of turning your paper forms into mobile forms and then training staff seems too hard.

Well, FormTab is here to help. We make it easy for businesses to turn paper forms into mobile forms. Still not sure? Let’s look at your concerns:

I’m not technically savvy!

No worries. Our Form Builder makes building mobile forms quick and easy! You can create one in a matter of minutes. No coding knowledge needed. But if you’re still a little apprehensive about creating your own mobile form, we can do it for you.

My field workers aren’t technically savvy!

Look, if your employees can use a smart phone or tablet – then they can use a mobile form. Plus, FormTab is designed for iOS, iPadOS and Android, so no matter what mobile device they’re using the form will look familiar and be intuitive. No training needed.

Will it work with our current software systems?

Absolutely! FormTab can integrate and complement any software you’re already using.

Yeah, but how much will this cost?

From just $15 dollars per user/per month. It’s not a lot when you work out how much mistakes cost your business. Not to mention how much time is wasted waiting for data to return to the office? And then there’s the cost of paying someone to manually re-enter data.

But we work in remote places with no signal!

FormTab works online and offline. It’s the perfect way for your team to collect data from anywhere. Once an internet connection is established, data will be in the cloud and available to folks back in the office.

There’s no doubt about it. Accurate, real time data collection will save your business time and money.
So, start your free trial today, no credit card needed, and find out how easy it is to turn your paper forms into mobile forms.

A Form Builder That's Easy To Use

No technical knowledge needed

In just minutes, turn your paper forms into intelligent digital forms and deploy them to any mobile device. We’ve done all the hard work for you with drag-and-drop fields, like e-signatures, photos, barcode scanning and maps.

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A Mobile Form App For Accurate Data Collection

For iOS and Android

With the FormTab app, users can effortlessly fill out forms from any mobile device, even when offline. The App is so intuitive that no training or upskilling is needed. Forms have a consistent layout which makes data entry a breeze.

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Offline Data Collection

Get The Job Done Even With No WIFI

No need to rely on network connectivity.
Our offline operation allows you to input data on the move and upload it later. Whether in a National Park or a high country farm, forms will automatically save data and synchronise once you have an online connection

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Stream Group
Stream: A powerhouse behind the Canterbury earthquake rebuild work
Stream: A powerhouse behind the Canterbury earthquake rebuild work

Stream Group operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and specialises in claim assessment and fulfilment for the insurance sector. Stream Group implemented FormTab custom forms for project managers to record site meetings and progress i...

Fulton Hogan
FormTab mobile form app and desktop users Fulton Hogan New Zealand & Australia: Specialists in civil infrastructure services across New Zealand and Australia
FormTab mobile form app and desktop users Fulton Hogan New Zealand & Australia: Specialists in civil infrastructure services across New Zealand and Australia

Fulton Hogan use FormTab across regional teams and business units, capturing field data and images. Using FormTab’s custom branded option, Fulton Hogan distribute forms to team members from a central help desk. Data is submitted infield, pushed...

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