FormTab is a user-friendly automated form solution that can be adapted to suit the requirements of any industry. Our software is designed for large to enterprise-scale businesses and organisations who want to mobilise their workforce, streamline processes and minimise double-handling of paper-based data. Here’s just a few reasons why some of our customers love FormTab for their business:

Stream Group operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and the UK, and specialises in claim assessment and fulfilment for the insurance sector. Stream Group implemented FormTab custom forms for project managers to record site meetings and progress i...
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Fulton Hogan use FormTab across regional teams and business units, capturing field data and images. Using FormTab’s custom branded option, Fulton Hogan distribute forms to team members from a central help desk. Data is submitted infield, pushed...
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Polcon is a Christchurch-based groundworks contracting business that works with companies such as Hawkins, Southern Response, Tower and EQC. FormTab has become an essential tool in their box, and is used as a document control app for all their jobs....
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AEL contacted FormTab looking for a mobile form solution to carry out checks on field equipment. They have set up an automated workflow so that at the end of each day a summary report is "auto-magically" generated and emailed to the client. No admin ...
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FormTab is a fundamental tool for Test and Tag’s mobile technicians who complete onsite inspections throughout New Zealand for fire, medical and electrical equipment using tablets. Data collection has sped up, no more missing paperwork and serious a...
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Smartlift use FormTab for their Pre-start meetings and final inspections of projects using mobile devices onsite. Form data submissions including imagery and signatures are stored securely in the cloud....
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