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Easily create sophisticated mobile forms customised with your business branding using our form builder. Deploy instantly to iPad, iPhone and desktop users.

FormTab is designed to make it simple for your teams to complete forms - but the good news is, actually creating these mobile forms isn’t complicated either! We’ve done all the hard work for you; templates have a consistent brand logo placement, section navigation, and field placement, making it quick and easy for you to create a consistent interface for your teams to work with.

The FormTab form builder supports a range of field types including:

  • Address (with GPS Lookup)
  • Map (with GPS Lookup and pinning capabilities)
  • Photo
  • Signature
  • Sketch (with sketch over photo available)
  • Timestamp
  • Conditional logic/Rules

Choose whether you distribute your form privately, or publicly using Web Forms.

Our friendly support team is on hand to provide guidance or implement advanced FormTab features such as:

  • lookup lists - pull data from CSV or third party websites/solutions such as job or claim numbers, customer or site details
  • triggers - trigger specific events/workflows based on user input
  • widgets - add custom functions within your forms (view sample triggers)
  • tags - for improved searchability and reporting
  • custom calculations
  • embedding your forms into web pages
  • etc 

Publish a form to your users with a simple click whether they are in the next office or the next timezone.

Need some help to build your forms?

Short on time? – No problem. We offer a free form build service



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