Form Build Service

Are you short on time, require rapid roll-out, or unsure where to start?

Take advantage of our Form Build Service

FormTab administrators tell us being able to rapidly roll out forms for instant data collection is one of our most valued features. When the pressures on, it's good to know you have an expert team on hand to assist with form builds.

User Experience (UX)

Your forms will be reinterpreted to provide the very best user experience (UX) possible and sometimes we may ask you to re-send your form containing sample data so we may fully understand the context. As a result, layout may vary considerably from the paper/electronic formats you supply to us.  

Customisation Requests

We'll be in touch if we identify any custom requirements that fall outside of a standard form build and  aren't supported within our form build service e.g. exceeding 100 fields, custom calculations, event triggers, widgets or third party integration requirements outside standard integration with our turn-key integration partners.

If your form exceeds 100 fields, we'll build up to this point and give you the option of completing the form build using the DIY form builder yourself or providing a quote to complete the build for you. If you have custom calculation, widget or third party integration requirements outside standard integration with our turn-key integration partners we'll provide access to our Consultancy team to discuss your needs. 

Submit a form build request - it's easy 

  1. Set up an account
  2. Email us your form requirements 
    1. PDF or Word format; or send a scanned image of a paper form
    2. Ensure you provide your user name (email address) - specifying which team (group of users) the form is to be added to
  3. We will build your form and add it to your account
  4. Get started with your form


Check out our Knowledgebase or contact our fantastic Customer Service and Support teams.  They are on-hand to assist you every step of the way.