FormTab Features


Get the most out of FormTab: maximise workflow efficiencies with third-party integration partners.

Formtab maximises your workflow efficiencies by integrating with your existing operating systems via APIs, creating a fully automated solution for your business. These integrations can work both ways, pulling data from external systems or exporting to your existing business workflows. This seamless flow of data means you’re always working with the most up-to-date information across all your software solutions.

Rules can be set up to automatically send submissions to certain email addresses or to send to a manager for sign off before submitting.

FormTab currently integrates with, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox,  Google Drive, MailChimp, One Drive, Slack, WorkflowMax and Xero

Are you looking for another integration?

Not a problem – contact us today to discuss how FormTab can create a custom integration for your organisation.