Conditional Logic

Form Builder - Rules 

The Rules add-on is contained within the Form builder template editor - easily accessible at the bottom right of your form. 

Template Editor


Conditional Logic Preview

The App

The app automatically downloads the rules associated with your form. 

Users will see fields show and hide depending on the conditional logic you have entered. 


Rule Targets


  • Can be shown or hidden


  • Can be shown or hidden.
  • Can be made mandatory or optional.


Rule Operands

Rule Structure

A rule has the following components:

  • Field - a field in the form
  • Rule Type - dependent on the field type
  • Value - dependent on the rule and field type

Currently  Excluded Fields

  • Layout fields
  • Tables / fieldsets and fields contained within (to be supported at a later date) 

Rule Types

These are dependent on the field type:

  • Value Present
    • Rules:
      • Value Empty
      • Is Not Empty
    • Fields:
      • All Fields (other than excluded fields)
  • Text Comparison
    • Rules:
      • Contains / Does Not Contain / Does Not Equal
    • Fields:
      • Text
      • Text Area
      • Address
      • Location
      • Email
      • URL
  • Number Comparison
    • Rules:
      • Greater Than
      • Less Than
      • Equals
    • Fields:
      • Number
      • Slider
  • Date Comparison
    • Rules:
      • Greater Than
      • Less Than
      • Equals
    • Fields
      • Date
      • Date + Time




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