FormTab Features

Cloud Central

Manage your teams, forms and submissions from one secure central hub. Automate your processes, integrate your data, and access from anywhere!

Maximise your company’s efficiency and cut down on paper with a secure centralised data hub. FormTab Central stores all your teams’ forms in one location that can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

Using FormTab Central, those with administrator and reporter access are able to view, search and filter all of their team form submissions. They can then export this data via CSV and Excel XML to generate reports.

Users can also integrate FormTab with existing systems - for example your CRM or other internal databases - via web hooks or custom APIs to ensure an accurate and timely flow of data.

There’s no need to worry about lost files, accessibility issues or out-of-date data as all information is accessible online and securely stored in the cloud.

 Take this quick tour around FormTab Central, the hub of FormTab