FormTip: Advanced List Widget (CSV List)

The advanced list widget (CSV list) improves data consistency and makes collection more efficient.

This blog post outlines how to add an advanced list widget. 

Once logged into there are two places where you can add these lists; in the widget area of your team - or while building or editing a form in the formbuilder by clicking Advanced => CSV List (shown below)

For this blog post we will use the latter option as a demonstration. After clicking CSV List you will have the following window display.

Click "Create a CSV List Widget"

Download the sample CSV file and then alter it to suit your lists needs. Below is a screenshot of my altered list with job ids and the job names, emails and staff names associated with each job. Please note that I edited the example CSV list with Excel, but you are able to use any editor as long as it is in proper CSV format.

When you save this file make sure that you save it as a CSV (comma separated values).

Next choose your file to upload, if the format is correct you will be shown a preview of your list.

Click 'Save' Congratulations you have added a new CSV List Widget. Now, when you're editing a form, all the CSV Lists will display when you click Advanced => CSV List.

Click the list and then click 'Select' to add it to your form.

You now have your advanced list in your form.

Part 2 - Using the advanced list

In this part, we will go over how to pull the other data into the form based on the selection made in the Job List.

For each of the column headings we need to create text fields that match the column header exactly.


You can test by clicking 'Preview' in the top right corner and choosing an option from the CSV List, it should populate the other fields with the corresponding row data automatically.

Finish off the rest of your form and you're ready to go!

Need to add more jobs or staff associated with jobs?  To update list values go to and upload a new CSV list. This will update all forms which use the list.