FormTip: Send to Team Member

This option allows a user to partially complete the form then send it on to another user to continue filling, this can be repeated as many times as necessary to get the required information for the form to be complete and submitted.

As a first step set the "Send to Team Member" functionality requiring multiple people to fill out.

To do this login to as a team Administrator. Locate the form you would like to enable the "Send to Team Member" feature and go into the advanced area of the form settings. You can toggle the feature by clicking the exclamation mark beside "Forward to User" as shown in screenshots below.

Now the setting has been toggled, the form now has the option of being sent to team members instead of being submitted to

Here's an example of a workflow for this:

A mechanic has filled out the majority of the form with inspection details and checklist complete but needs the manager to sign off before the form is submitted. When the 'Send' form button is pushed you will notice that there is a new option - Send to Team Member (shown below)

After tapping "Send to Team Member" a list of team members is displayed. Simply select who needs to receive the form to finish completion. In this case it is the manager.

Once the form has been sent the user will receive an email notifying them that they have a form in their inbox to fill. Once logged in they can tap the inbox item in the top right of the screen and download the form they have been sent to complete:

Now the user can tap the downloaded form and fill out their required section, once finished they can submit the completed form to FormTab Central submissions (or forward to another user if more sections are required from other users).