Admin Tip: Send A Form Fill Request

The option "Send This Form", found in the Advanced area of each form, can be an extremely useful option if you need someone to fill out a specific form when not yet a member of your team or does not have FormTab app installed on their iPhone or iPad.

Follow these steps to request a form fill:

Log into and navigate to Forms in the Admin area (you must be an Administrator of the team to be able to send the fill request).

Click on the desired form and then click Advanced.

In the Advanced area you will see the button "Send This Form" on the left side panel under Preview Form as shown below.

Click on "Send This Form"

Select team members from the dropdown or enter email addresses of those you wish to send the form fill request to. You may enter as many email addresses as you wish. If not currently part of the team the recipient will be automatically added.

You may add a message with the form request.

After clicking Send a dialogue will pop up confirming form fill requests have been sent. 

This is an example of the form fill email request. It contains a link that takes the recipient to the form to fill which stays active until submitted.

Should the form filler need to come back and finish the form later they may click Save.  When revisiting the URL previously added data is visible.

Once form fields are filled click Send and the form will be submitted.  The URL supplied to fill the form will now be invalid.