Kiosk app for repetitious filling of a single iPad form

FormTab Kiosk uses iPad "Kiosk mode" and is designed for instances where a single iPad form is filled multiple times. Once the 'Submit' button is hit the form auto-refreshes to blank fields, shielding previously entered data from the next user - maintaining privacy.

Operating offline or online, FormTab Kiosk App offers a branded, secure and practical method of mobile data collection.

iPad Kiosk mode locks access to other content or features on the iPad, enforcing sole focus on your form.  

Use examples:

  • Lead capture for tradeshow exhibitors
  • Data collection for show or field day stands or booths
  • Open home register for real estate industry
  • Student orientation day registration
  • Patient registration for  medical practices
  • Post-experience/event survey for tourism operations
  • Tenant screening for rental property viewings
  • On-site competition entries
  • Customer feedback at product launches
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions
  • Visitor sign-in for reception areas
  • Test drive disclosures
  • Site visit waivers
  • Simple fill a form solution for non-technical/device shy field employees who repetitiously fill the same form


Why not support a photo of a business card or other form of identification within your mobile form?  Perhaps add a 'subscribe to newsletter' or CRM database opt-in.

What form fillers see....

A branded splash page which supports a reference image, name and logo.  In this case we've added a graphic (your event#) as a reference image and sample company logo (Your Logo Here).  Lead Capture is the name of the form the sample user has set up. 

Individual requirements differ but here's a sample mobile form created to show photo support, mandatory fields and general layout. Check out more fabulous FormTab features

Submission Data 

Data is stored on your iPad until syncing occurs.  Data then leaves the device in an encrypted format and securely transmitted to FormTab Central our secure online management portal where it becomes available for csv export or individual submission pdf download. Submissions are also sent to any activated integration partner accounts - Box, Dropbox, Sharefile, WorkflowMax or Xero.   

How to get it

FormTab Kiosk is an add-on service for FormTab paid account holders.  One user per device is required.

If you are not yet a FormTab user simply sign up for a Free Trial then immediately convert to a paid Enterprise account  then  .

Implementation & Customisation

We provide all the tools and information for FormTab users to address individual requirements; however, sometimes it's nice to have a helping hand. Our fantastic Support Team are happy to provide a point in the right direction.  Alternatively FormTab Consultancy and Development Services may be contracted by those who need a more "hands-on" approach. 

iOS FormTab App

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