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FormTab makes it easy for desktop administrators and analysts to rapidly build and instantly deploy mobile forms for infield data collection. 

To get started

  1. Click the Free Trial button to get underway. Your trial starts immediately. 

  2. As soon as you hit "Start Trial" we'll email asking you to verify your email address by clicking an activation link 

  3. Once validated, your account is active.  Log into FormTab Central using the password you've just set up.  This is the place where Administrators
  • Quickly create branded mobile forms optimised for rapid data capture on iPad, iPhone or desktop
  • Preview forms while building to view end user layout 
  • Set up teams of users across companies,  business units, projects or contractors then assign relevant forms
  • Speed up data entry by pre-populating form field data from a third-party source eg job, case, rating, claim, meter# 
  • Apply rules and trigger specific events or automate data workflows based on user input
  • Choose to distribute mobile forms privately to nominated teams of app or desktop users, or publicly using Web Forms
  • Assign permission levels, add data recipients then deploy mobile forms instantly at the press of a button

View a quick tour of FormTab Central, the FormTab account hub:

Learn how to build forms using FormTab's easy-to-use Form Builder:


  • Enforce mandatory fields to ensure meaningful and key field data capture
  • Automated document generation based on captured data
  • View data submissions in real time, download, export or integrate with third-party solutions using web hooks or API
  • Automatically address compliance requirements by integrating data with regulatory systems 
  • Turn-key integration with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, MailChimp, One Drive, ShareFile, Slack, or WorkflowMax.

App Users

  • FormTab app is super easy for iPad & iPhone users to rapidly enter data so they use it! Qaulity input means quality output producing meaningful data for analysts.
  • iOS features like predictive text & voice dictation speed up form filling for online users with accessibility or literacy challenges

 See how easy it is to fill in forms on your iOS device using FormTab:


It's easy to get started

Create digital forms on desktop with our form builder or utilise our form build service. iPad & iPhone device users fill forms online or offline using our mobile form app
Desktop users administer, report or fill forms online.

  1. 1

    Build  mobile forms like job sheets, appraisals, logs, registers, checklists or compliance forms on desktop with our easy to use form builder or take advantage of our form build service. Distribute forms instantly to teams of users ready to fill.
  2. 2

    Users collect data on iOS mobile devices working either online or offline using our mobile forms app or a desktop browser. We offer a Web Form option too.
  3. 3

    Links to submitted data are emailed to recipients & stored securely in a searchable centralised hub. Data's instantly available for PDF download or CSV export and viewable on a personalised public link.
  4. 4

    Integrate with other solutions like, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, Slack, WorkflowMax etc or your own systems via web hook or API. Custom reporting and integration services available.


iOS FormTab App

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